Having a smashed window and leaving it is definitely a security risk, a risk not worth letting be therefore it's advised to hire an experienced tradesman to board up your window with security in mind, the locksmiths at the Budget Locksmiths Nottingham company hold a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the trade to include doors and windows, they will utilise their knowledge gained from many years experience working on doors and windows. We board up windows for both residential and commercial companies 24 hours a day and offer a glass replacement service if required. All type of windows can be boarded up whether it's your uPVC windows at home, or large display windows at your business premises, we will secure your property throughout the day and night. Call for your free no-obligation, no-pressure quote 0115 772 2107.

Window Boarding Up Nottingham

How will your window
be boarded up in Nottingham?

There's a right way and wrong way when it comes to boarding up a window, being a locksmith firm our first thought is the security of your premises and the approach our locksmiths will take to secure your window, it requires the utmost care and attention, therefore they will utilise techniques which have been attained and developed from their years of experience in the trade, your window boarding will be secured from the inside using materials which are made of strength, the strength of your window boarding and the technique used to fit is our main focus to prevent anybody gaining access.

Boarding Up Windows
Nottingham Service

  • 24 Hour Window Boarding
  • Removal of Broken Glass with our clean up procedure
  • Supply and Install the Window Boarding
  • Assist with all security concerns

Why is Window
boarding required?

In the event of a burglary or vandalism it's extremely common for windows to become a target, in most cases getting smashed or become shattered from an attempt, this is usually the case for commercial premises whether it be a large retail store on the high street or small business premises, though it's certainly not uncommon for a residential property to also experience the same. These type of incidents tend to happen out of hours during the night, it's advised to get the window boarded up by a professional as soon as possible to prevent access to the premises through the broken window, once the window has been boarded up professionally this will allow peace of mind until it can be arranged to replace the glass pane and repair any further damage caused in the incident.

Emergency Window
Boarding Nottingham

If it's an out of hours window boarding up in Nottingham service you require, you have found the right company, our dedicated locksmiths and window specialists are available to assist you 24 hours a day 7 days a week throughout the night, they will arrive quickly prepared for your individual situation, whether it be a retail store premises or your home, our window boarding team in Nottingham will have the materials and equipment ready to fully secure your property from the inside, window boarding is an excellent solution to secure the property until the next working day so that the double glazing or re-enforced glass pane can be replaced depending on your property type.